How often do you shop online? Ever wondered how massively your shopping style has changed in the past decade? From general stores to branded showrooms, then moving to malls and ultimately moving to online shopping websites! Today’s modern era filled with networking and technology is come up with a massive change in the entire business economy. Nowadays, companies, stores, and services are no more restricted to their localities. Globalization has got each one of them at a global level, therefore enhancing both, the competition and quality of the economy.

As per the Google research, 97% of customers use the internet today to check the availability of businesses and services in the locality. The stats is itself evident how important it has become for businesses to build their business presence online. Google Certified professionals at Tentment Web Solutions help businesses build an online presence by providing Website Development, SEO, Social Media, and Content Writing services. Tentment Web Solutions has successfully helped over hundreds of clients build their presence online worldwide and so will help you progress with modern technologies in the industry.

Wondering what would the effective steps to create a business presence online look like? Here are a few tips to follow:

1. Get a website

Website Developer in Patiala

Every business, no matter how big or small it is, should have its personal website. This is one of the most basic requirements for creating an online presence of the business. The website further should have fundamental information for the customers. For example, you start a restaurant. You must create a website that contains all the information about your restaurant, give reasons to why should customers visit your place, mention the timings, availability, menu, location and other contact details. This helps the customers learn about you better and choose you over other places! Tentment Web Solutions serves with website development services in Patiala and all over the world covering all important aspects of a website and aiding you to grab the best possible opportunities in your industry. Professional developers help you identify what is more relevant to your business and the type of website you can have. At Tentment Web Solutions, we also make sure to stay aligned with the latest innovations and offer after development and maintenance services too.

2. SEO

SEO company in Patiala

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a way to get your website on the top in the search results when potential customers research about the products or services similar to what you have to offer. Did you know, over 89% of the customers use Google and other search engines to research a product or a service? To make sure the customers reach your website when searching for related stuff, it is important to optimize your website as per the search engine rules. Here is how SEO works:
Research for the most common keywords that potent customers are likely to use to search for your products. For example, if you offer salon services in Punjab, you must be able to use keywords naturally on your website like ‘Salon services in Punjab,’ ‘Hair cut services in Punjab,’ etc. Hire SEO Company in Patiala: Tentment Web Solutions to make it to the best keyword research and insertion to rank your website. Tentment Web Solutions are one of the best SEO professionals who have worked with more than 50 international happy clients. Connect today and start ranking your website!

3. Social media

Social Media Marketing in Patiala

Instagram solely has over 1 billion monthly active users. How great would it be if you could reach so many people via social media? In the world of networking and technology, creating a social media presence online also plays an important role. Create social media pages, groups and start posting about your products and services. You can post the latest news, tips, how to use products, benefits, news, videos and much more that helps your customers use your products better. Generating value to the customers hugely helps a business grow. Moreover, Instagram Marketing in comparison to Facebook and other social media is much cheaper, despite the fact that they have a better reach, compared to newspaper Ads. Why not make the most of it!
Professionals at Tentment Web Solutions provide Social Media services in Patiala and can help you in generating more leads and converting them into lifelong customers using Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads.

4. Google Ads/Adwords

Google Ads company in Patiala

Have you ever seen some sponsored websites come up on top when you search for a particular product or service? You could also do the same and get your website at the top on search engines for a few relevant keywords. Google Ads (earlier Adwords) is the best way to get ahead in the competition. The Google Certified professionals at Tentment Web Solutions will help you reach your potential customers or generate leads for your business through Google Ads. We provide one of the best Google Ads/PPC services in Patiala.

5. Start a blog/newsletter

Content Writing in Patiala

A blog on your own website is one of the most important sections to connect with your customers and share your knowledge in the domain you serve. For example, if you have a fashion product company, why not share some tips about fashion, talk about the latest trends, give tips on what the best fashion outfit combinations look like, etc. Writing blogs not only help you build connections with the customers but also allows you to insert keywords in a flow ultimately helping you with SEO. Similarly, you could write blogs on other websites (guest posts) and build backlinks to your website enhancing your presence over the internet. To make it to most of your blogs, hire Tentment Web Solutions. With a team of experienced Content Writers in Patiala we have written over 500 articles/blogs for clients building value to their website via blog posts.

Final Words
An online presence can do wonders to a business. It opens up multiple doors of opportunities not binding you with services only within your locality. Local companies have grown globally with the help of effective networking and technology. And likewise, building your business online could get you such potential opportunities too. Connect with Tentment Web Solutions and make it to the best of marketing your business presence online!